Mainline --- Piedmont Gas Company’s line from which your gas supply is provided. (Company owns)

Customer Service Line — The gas line from the curb box to the meter. (Customer owns)

Curb Box — An underground valve used to control the flow of gas thru your service line.

House Line — The gas piping from the meter to your gas equipment, appliances, etc.

Meter Manifold — an assembly that contains the service regulator, piping, and fittings that connect the Customer service line to the house line.( the customer is responsible for the purchase of the meter manifold).

Approved — The materials and/or procedures so designated are accepted by Piedmont Gas Company for use in accordance with company standards.

The Company — Piedmont Gas Company.

Excess Flow Valve — a device installed in the service line (at your request) designed to automatically shut off the flow of gas should the line be severed.

Yard/Field Line – an underground line that extends to other customer equipment that is connected after the house meter.

Local Distribution Company (LDC): Your local gas company.

Pass through [costs]: The cost of the gas commodity that the utilities pay to producers for natural gas. This cost is then passed on to the customer on a dollar-for-dollar basis with no mark-up.

Reconciliations: Established by PUCO orders, reconciliations are the result of recommendations from both financial and managerial audits and represent the reconciling of records to reflect an actual cost for GCR calculations.

True-up mechanism: A mechanism that is used to ensure that there is no over-or-under recovery of gas purchasing costs. This mechanism corrects any over-or-under recovery in prior periods.